Y’all!!! I am so THRILLED to be sharing this blog with you. It has been a long time coming, and I had to lie to more people about this proposal than EVER before. Hannah Beth is my sweet sister (through marriage – Hayden’s oldest little sister), and we are just absolutely thrilled that she is going to get married next year! Hannah has prayed for years for her future husband, and we are so excited Michael will be a permanent member of the Klockenga family. Michael is very thoughtful, a strong leader, and a great Christian man. We know together God will use them for so many things!

Several months ago, Michael reached out to me with an idea to get engaged in Seaside, FL on our family vacation! Little did he know that for several months before I wondered if he’d propose on that trip as I knew it was one of Hannah’s favorite places. I was SO excited when he asked me to capture such a big moment. Michael planned everything to a T. He reached out to a local picnic company, (Fresco Picnic Company), and they planned to have desserts on the beach. The big cover-up was that all of the couples were supposed to go out on date nights, and then, we’d come back for a family game night. Of course – we all know that’s not exactly what happened!! Michael and Hannah went out on their date while our whole crew prepped for the proposal and surprise engagement party. Hayden and I dressed up so we wouldn’t be spotted on the beach (take a look on my Instagram for a behind-the-scenes video including me in a blonde wig!), and we had the best time having a front row seat to Hannah and Michael’s engagement!

Take a look at their proposal. It was seriously a DREAM – and just as we pulled out of the beach for the night, a storm rolled in. Y’all, I’m telling you everything was perfect and just the best timing!! A huge thanks to the team at Fresco Picnic Company. They were so kind, and I highly recommend them for any of your ideas on 30A.

Okay, enough chit-chat!! Time to ooh and ahh over this proposal!!!

August 9, 2021

Hannah + Michael Seaside Sunset Beach Proposal

Haley Nicole

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