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Baby Klock #2 First Trimester Recap

Wow! I can’t believe we are already out of the first trimester with this sweet baby! This trimester has FLOWN by, and I know it could be a combination of the holidays and chasing around a one year old. Let me just say, I’m a bit shocked how much faster this pregnancy is moving along. Let’s hope I feel the same way when it’s 100* out this summer and 9 months pregnant!

Here’s a recap of the last few months!

Best Moments:

  • Telling Hayden + Beckham I was/am pregnant
  • Seeing the reactions of our immediate family (go watch the reel on my Instagram it’s HILARIOUS!!!)
  • Including Baby Klock on the Christmas card & family ornament (one of my favorite yearly traditions)

How I Feel:

  • I am SO excited to find out the gender! Hayden and I both literally don’t have any preference. We would love a little boy so Beckham would have a buddy close in age, but we’d also love to experience all the girly, girl things with a little lady! I am just eager to know, and I remember it feeling so much more real when you know the gender – and then the baby starts to kick! Just so many exciting things!!
  • I have been blessed with both pregnancies to not experience a lot of sickness. This time around I have had to give up milk and several milk product as they just don’t make me feel well. I’ve also had a lot of other symptoms/cravings that makes me think this baby is a girl, but it’s always a guessing game if the wives tales are true!
  • It’s tiring chasing around a one year old and growing a human. Most days, I’m just exhausted by 9 pm!!
  • I am beyond GRATEFUL for the ability to carry a child and to have a child here with us already. There is not a day I take that for granted, and I think pregnancy just constantly reminds me what a blessing it is to have family and loved ones (cheesy, but true!).

What we’re excited for in the coming weeks:

  • We hope to know the gender soon – but we don’t have a date yet!
  • I’m hopeful to start dreaming up Beckham’s toddler room and make some changes to the nursery (especially if the baby is a girl).
  • We’ve been so busy this holiday season, and I’m hopeful we’ll get some chill time together as a family.

Here are just a few photos from this trimester. My bump is definitely MUCH bigger at this point this time around. It might not look like much, but trust me!!

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