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Y’all, I am beyond excited to share the project I have been working on morning, day, and night – literally. It’s crazy because I actually just realized yesterday that the thought of bringing a Podcast to Glamour Farms was exactly three months ago today. I have been dreaming of hosting a podcast for five years (since I started my photography business), but nothing ever just felt right. I’m someone that goes off my gut feeling – and I just didn’t have peace about all my other ideas.

So, I waited.

Then, January 5th, I pulled together some thoughts while I was working. Crazy enough, that afternoon, I found out that we had lost our sweet baby, Lucy. The weeks following Lucy’s death are very blurry to remember back on – but I do remember that I still had this gut feeling that now, amidst heartbreak, it was time to start this dream. I reached out to my bosses, and they gave the green light immediately. I was THRILLED. In typical, Glamour Farms way, we got things moving and grooving quickly. I was thrown into the world of audio – one I was not familiar with – and learned the ins and outs of starting a podcast.

So today, I am overjoyed to share the launch of Glamour Farms The Podcast. It’s centered on faith, family, and fashion and how we can share our stories, encourage each other, and use our gifts for the Glory of God. I am BEYOND excited. I so hope that you’ll follow along – and become a listener.

I’m linking ALL the things below, and if you listen, please tell me!! If you’re new to my blog – from meeting me on the Podcast, hello! I am so thrilled you’ve made your way all the way here. I hope you’ll find yourself at home!

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April 5, 2022

Glamour Farms The Podcast is HERE!!

Haley Nicole

  1. Patty says:

    Started listening today! I love Glamour Farms. I have also been thinking about starting a podcast to accompany my blog but don’t know where to start. Was the tech part hard?

    • Haley Nicole says:

      Patty! Thank you for reaching out! The tech side of things wasn’t too bad – just lots of googling! You should consider it! Cheering you on!

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