Hey friends, you’ve been through some rough days with me in the last six months. If you’ve followed along than you know that we lost our sweet Baby Klock #2 (who we named Lucy) – read here. For a bit, it felt like time would never move, and I’d be in a hole of loss and mourning forever. However, praise God I’m doing much better. Hayden and I are thrilled to share how we will be honoring our sweet girl.

Lucy – as we shared in our announcement post – means “bringer of light.” We purposely chose that name because we wanted to remember her in a unique way. We wanted her story to bring light and hope to others that even in our darkest days God is still good. I believe that.

Lucy’s due date was July 12, and we have decided that every year we’re going to do something to “bring light” (this will probably be in the form of serving, giving, or paying-it-forward). We are THRILLED to share that this year we are selling shirts with Glamour Farms Boutique. I have helped design two shirts (one women’s and one unisex) in both adult and kiddo sizing. Glamour Farms is going to donate all of the profits to Oil Belt Christian Service Camp. Hayden and I met at Oil Belt, and we LOVE the work they do to help student learn about Jesus and “be the light.”

Our hope and prayer is that we can sell out these shirts…and have to order more to sell. We want to be able to donate as much as possible to Oil Belt.

The second hope of the shirt sales is that you will wear them on Lucy Day – July 12 – and go out and be the light in your community. Big or small, we’d love for you to take a step in showing others the love and light of Jesus.

These last few months have held so many dark days for me. However, even though I have so many questions as to why miscarriage happens, I know this: God can and will use this for good. I know that Satan likely wanted to use this to pull me from my faith – and I’ll be honest, I have questioned many things in the last few months. However, I know that God is good. I know that even if things don’t make sense in my Earthly mind that He [God] is still doing good work, and there is still work to do for His kingdom here on Earth. I know that here on Earth is my only time to use my suffering as a way and place to honor Him – because there’s no suffering in Heaven. So, that’s what we’re doing. We’ve got work to do, people!!

“You take what the enemy meant for evil and you turn it for good.”

If you’d like to purchase a shirt, here’s a link!


If they are already sold out…waitlist and preauthorize!! We can order more! If you’re seeing this past July 12 or don’t think you’ll get your shirt in time…still order!! This is so much more than honoring our daughter – together we can help Oil Belt continue to do their mission and help students have life changing experiences at camp.

A big thank you to Glamour Farms for being the middle man in creating and selling these shirts. They did not have to allow us to use their technology and manpower to sell these tees, but they graciously said yes. I am so beyond thankful!!

June 14, 2022

Announcing LUCY DAY 2022!

Haley Nicole

  1. Brenda Tate says:

    Such a wonderful idea!! I would love to have a shirt. Sorry I just seen this for some reason I don’t alway get all you guys fb.

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