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Fatheree Family Photos 2022

Hey friends!! It’s time for another round of family photos, and I love these! I will admit – we picked the HOTTEST time of the day (not ideal), interrupted a 1 yr old’s nap time, and chose the HOTTEST day of Fourth of July Weekend…so we had a lot going against us! Yet, we were still able to get some really cute and fun photos! Here’s hoping next year we can plan for a cooler temp day!

This year’s photos were especially fun because my brother and sister are expecting their first baby – so we had some fun poses to do together!! Hannah is due almost one month before us. It will be such an exciting time for our family in the next year. We are praying daily for good health for everyone!!!

Anyways, we went with a blush and blue color scheme, and it’s so fun! If you know us, we typically stick to blues. Hayden and I both love blue tones for some reason – and so it seems in nearly every family photoshoot we end up in those colors (seriously, IDK how it always happens). Well, this time I’m in pink! It’s fun – and who knows maybe we’ll find out I’m pregnant with a baby girl, and it’ll be a whole foreshadowing thing…but we still don’t know the gender so we’ll have to wait and see!

Enough of my chit-chatting! Here are the photos!

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