Y’all, it is THAT time of the year again – woohoo!!! Yes, it is fall, and y’all, know how I am low-key obsessed. You know, truthfully, I enjoy just about any season, but fall just hits different. My family was able to get together over Labor Day Weekend, and it really felt like fall. You could say I was just a little bit excited. 😉 My sister Hannah Marie and I love fall – and our family was due for another round of family photos. Do you remember last year’s photos when I was 7/8-ish months pregnant during the heat of the summer?? (See those photos, here!) While, I am still OBSESSED over the coloring in those images – I just really wanted some new ones. You know, ones where I’m not pregnant, and we have a giggly 11 month old boy in them!!

So, since our family was in town, Hannah and I monopolized on the fall feels, and we had ourselves a little fall family photoshoot. I LOVE these images, and I can’t wait to see them on my parents Christmas card. We mixed mustards and different shades of blue for a fun, but cozy look. I love how it all came together! It’s so nice to have some updated images, and y’all it was SO easy to take these. This spot was literally 50 feet from my parents back door, and we just set up a little tripod and got to work! We did these around 8am, and the light was perfectly poking through their trees!

Take a look at the magic below! Family photos are SO important to me – and I’d love for this to be a little encouragement to you to get your photos taken!! If professional photos aren’t in your budget, you can simply try propping your phone up, setting an automatic timer, and taking a few quick images. Of course, professional is gorgeous, but really, it’s just import to snap a few photos of those we love!

Anyways, enough mushy, gushy-ness! Enjoy! And yes – it was literally 60* when we took these! Praise God, we are ready for fall!!

September 7, 2021

Our Family Fall Photos 2021

Haley Nicole

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